Web Apps

Advanced, data-driven websites that offer app-like functionality.

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS applications.


We build static and CMS websites.


Interactive prototype design of apps before they are coded for production.

Web Apps

The web is a different animal today compared to a few years ago. We went from static markup websites to large-scale applications. Facebook is a 1.5GB application being served over the web. Performance and scaling is not the monsters it used to be. With proper planning and engineering, almost any application can be run from the web, ready to be served to almost anyone with internet access.

Why build a web application and not a native app?

The short answer is cost and accessibility. The underlying technologies of the web are well-known by most developers and therefore contribute to a more saturated jobmarket which in turn allows for better cost of development. The web is open, powerful and easily accessible by most people which makes it a great start for any app idea or business.

Cost effective

One system that runs on most browsers and phones in the world.

Accessible to most

Web apps can be access by most devices with an internet access.


Mobile Apps

Mobile app development have been stigmatised as the unicorn software service of the world for many years. Mobile apps were out of reach for most startup entrepreneurs due to enormous costs. Affordable "apps" we're mere websites stuck into an app casing of sorts. Companies found it hard to conceptualise their ideas - they did not know what was possible. Experienced, quality engineers we're thinly spread across the globe. Interface design was a luxury afforded only to big companies with very healthy bank accounts.

Luckily, the app development landscape is changing for the better and we have made it our mission to follow and contribute to the latest advancements in the field.

What the new era of app development means for you.

Thanks to engineers at Facebook, Google, Apple and a community of devoted developers around the world, it is now possible to build highly performant and visually stunning native iOS and Android apps by leveraging one set of technologies. This means faster and more cost-effective development.


Apple and Android

We build apps that run on Android and Apple devices by using one code base as much as possible.

Average reduction in cost with our tech stack.

We can publish for you

It is a cumbersome process to publish apps on the app stores. We handle this for our clients if they request it.



Websites are extremely important and more relevant today than before. Consider that we receive most of our content suggestions through social media. We are forced to board ship with Facebook Pages, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Behance. These platforms are great - they expose us to new markets and give us insights into our potential clients and existing customers.

What social media platforms cannot give you.

Ultimate control off your space on the web. The only place you can exercise the freedom to arrange, play, experiment and push the boundaries of your brand and your content, is in your own backyard.

Fast to develop

We can build websites at the speed of light.


Responsive websites by default

Our sites are tested in most modern browsers and display beautifully on all devices, big or small.



UX and UI design is not a perfect science. Nor is it possible to rely purely on theory in order to execute proper UX and UI design. It is a iterative process that requires a lot of experimentation and testing.

Prototyping is a cost effective way to test your ideas with an audience and to refine your user experience.

We can help with the prototyping phase of your project by taking it from a series of photoshop screens designs to an interactive experience with working buttons, static data and smooth, animated page transitions. This gives a really good idea of what your final product will look and feel like, at a fraction of the cost.

We recommend prototyping as a first step to any development process. It will save money in the long run - lots of it.

Get meaningful results fast

Prototyping can validate or break any idea fast.

Huge cost saving if done right

The bigger the project, the more the uncertainty principle applies. Prototyping is a great tool to mitigate uncertainty. And don't forget that pitching ideas for seed funding might require a bit more than just a couple of presentation slides. Carry over ideas that stick with a proper protoype.